How to debate

How does Zenith Debate work?

On the debate page, you’ll find a short description of the topic, topped by a question. This question can be answered with a simple yes or no, using the ‘Pro’ or ‘Contra’ button. You can just do this without signing up, if you don’t wish to share your perspective. Signing up and creating a profile on our website gives you the space needed to post your ideas, point of view and arguments, which will lead to more discussion of an issue and shed a light on blind spots we may have missed.

How can I contribute?

We have made it very simple, so as not to take up a lot of your time. First, you need to create a profile on the Zenith website. You can sign up using Facebook, Twitter, Google or email. After creating your profile, you can go to the Debate channel and write your contribution, in the form of a thesis supported by an argument. The thesis (maximum 100 characters) gives your perspective, and the argument (maximum 400 characters) explains it.

What’s in it for me?

The aim is to get social and civil activists involved in order to make their voices heard. For that purpose, we have introduced a ranking system based on points. The contributors who reach the top will be invited to Candid Foundation seminars and exclusive events. Those events are often held abroad with international organisations and pundits in politics, media and business. They will also be awarded membership of Zenith Network.

How do I collect points?

When you write a contribution and post it to the Debate, other users are able to vote for your thesis and your argument. For each, a user can give you a maximum of 100 points. The average score of your thesis and argument is added to your total points. (For example, if someone admires your thesis and gives it 100 points, but thinks your argument is a bit weak and gives it only 50 points, the average is 75.) Other users can also comment on your contribution. Each comment adds another 100 points to your ranking. Each comment can also be liked or disliked by others. For each like, you receive 5 points; for each dislike you lose 5 points. For every comment on your contribution, you or other users can respond. Each response earns you 20 points (except your own response). The more people discuss your contribution on Zenith Debate, the more points you generate. Answers or comments on Facebook or Twitter do not count.

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How can I increase my points?

The best way to collect more points is to share the debate and your contribution among your network. Ask your friends and followers to vote and to challenge your argument on the platform, and keep the wheels turning by responding to users who challenge your thesis. You can also share your contribution on social media and attract more people to vote on your thesis. The most important aspect is that you do not use bad language – cursing, insults, etc – or false information. Other users can ask for a fact check, and in the case of false information, your contribution will be frozen and no points will be added to your profile.